• Spaghetti Etiquette In Italian Food
    Spaghetti Etiquette In Italian Food

    The most popular and widely recognized Italian food today is spaghetti. However, it seems that no other Italian food has caused such consternation in figuring out the polite way to eat it. It has become so bad that when taking a date to eat Italian food, both parties will avoid the spaghetti in order avoid making a mess or looking less than attractive while eating it. Spaghetti is a delicious Italian food and there doesn’t need to be all this stress associated with eating it in public. Forget what you’ve been told what follows is how you eat spaghetti. First off, if you are fortunate to be eating at an Italian food restaurant or Italian home that is actually in Italy, then you…

  • The Best Ravioli Sauce Makes the Best Ravioli

    Ravioli is a type of popular pasta derived from the word Ravolgere, which means ‘to wrap’. A filling in between two layers of pasta dough is the basic structure of Ravioli. A common vegetarian filling is of ricotta cheese and vegetables like spinach or nettles instead of meat. It is then delicately topped with red tomato based sauce, pesto, broth and cream based sauce. Century ago pasta was commonly eaten on Fridays with vegetable based fillings. The poor who could not afford meat had it round the year. The left over meat after a treat or Sunday dinner would be used for preparing pasta. With changing time, today Italians buy ready made stuffed pasta, which is available in the…

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