Cake Decorating Ideas for All Occasions

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You really don’t need a special occasion to decorate a cake, but some events that can be made unforgettable and extra special with a decorated treat are holidays, birthdays, graduations, religious occasions, showers, weddings, and other personal special events.

Here are some cake decorating ideas that will help you make any occasion special:

New Year’s Champagne Toast

Bake one 9-in. round and one 9×12-in. rectangle cake.

Cut the round in half. Use one half for the top of the champagne glass.

Cut a 2 or 3-inch long strip for the stem of the glass and a 2 x 4-inch section for the base of the glass. Piece them together to form the champagne glass. To be sure all the pieces stay together, lightly frost each piece separately before you piece them together.

Place the pieces on a cake board. Ice the top part (straight edge) of the half-round cake and the stem and base sections in white icing. Ice the bottom part (rounded edge) of the half-round cake in light yellow or light pink icing to resemble champagne.

Easter Egg Hunt (So easy kids can do it!)

Bake 6 large muffins. Cool and frost them with green icing. Generously sprinkle green shredded coconut* on top of the frosting to resemble grass. Place colored jelly beans within the coconut so they are half-hidden. Place small bunny toppers on the top of the muffins so they look as if they are finding the jelly beans.

*To tint shredded coconut, place coconut in a plastic bag. Add a few drops of food color. Knead color into coconut. Dry on waxed paper.

Spooky Halloween Brownies (Let the kids help!)

Bake your favorite brownies. When cooled, cut into 3-inch circles, using a cookie cutter or a pattern and sharp knife. Place a Halloween stencil (available in most stores) in the center of each brownie. Sprinkle the stencil with confectioner’s (powdered) sugar. Remove the stencil. Edge the top and the bottom of brownie with tip 14 white icing stars.

Shiny Christmas Ornament

Bake a one or two-layer round cake. Ice the cake smooth with white icing. Pipe tip 5 white icing lines across the top at 1-inch intervals. Vary the shapes of the lines, making one straight, one zigzag, one curvy, etc. to resemble decorations on an ornament. Randomly pipe tip 5 icing balls and tip 16 stars between the lines also to resemble decorations.


Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Bake a heart-shaped cake and a heart-shaped mini-cake. Ice the larger cake smooth with pink icing. Place the mini-cake in the center of the larger cake. Cover the mini cake in tip 16 red icing stars. Add a tip 14 red icing shell border at the bottom of the mini cake and a tip 16 red icing shell border at the top and the bottom of the large cake. Write your message in pink with tip 3 on the mini-cake.


Rainbow Train

Bake four mini-loaf cakes. (about 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches each.)

Ice each one smooth – one with red icing, one with blue icing, one with green icing, and one with yellow icing. Use the cake iced in red as the engine: Make a smokestack for the engine with 2 large marshmallows. Frost them together with green icing. Attach the marshmallows to the top of engine with a toothpick. Using green icing, attach a piece of white curly ribbon or candy on the top of the smokestack for smoke and attach two white or yellow gum drops to the front of the engine for headlights. With a spatula, place a small mound of yellow icing on top of the yellow car; add small chocolate chips to resemble coal. Place two or three small plastic cars on top of the blue car. Stick small stick candies, such as licorice pieces on top of the green car to resemble metal parts. Decorate the sides of the cars with various small hard candies for decorations. For wheels: With icing the same color as the car, attach 4 large candy discs, such as peppermint swirls, to the bottom of each car. Connect the cars with one-inch licorice whips or pretzel sticks.

Up! Up! And Away

Bake two each: tulip, flower, butterfly and dragonfly cookies (eight total) and a 9×12-in. rectangle cake. Ice the cookies smooth in various pastel colors with thinned royal icing.** Decorate the iced butterfly cookie with tip 3 colored icing dots.

Ice the bottom half of the 9×12-in. cake smooth with green icing and the top half smooth with light blue icing to resemble grass and the sky. Place two small mounds of white icing on the blue half for clouds. Pat down “the clouds” with your fingers dipped in cornstarch. Place the tulip and flower cookies in the “grass” and pipe tip 3 green stems and leaves, if necessary. Place the one butterfly cookie near the flower cookie and the other butterfly cookie and the dragonfly cookies in the “sky.” Write your message on the cake with tip 3 white icing. cuanto vive un gato naranja, start a trucking company grant, research question that would benefit from a multicultural comparison, doula certification cost, amalie arena seating view, stadium apartments huntsville al shooting, what is contemporary accounting, is there gonna be a burlesque 2, taronga zoo wharf fishing, “20 common types of literacy “, crash vancouver password, danova kontrola anonymne udanie, lee westwood wife died, coronation of the virgin analysis, fayette county, ga car accident yesterday,Related: judicial conference 2022, michael attwell cause death, gladwin county courthouse jobs, fatal car accident ct last night, muco colloso in gola coronavirus, weedmaps birthday deals, regal theatre jobs perth, louisiana youth travel baseball, david freiburger house, night vigil prayer points with bible verses, events in bradenton this weekend, coned general utility worker practice test, why is the term hermaphrodite offensive, does seagram’s extra dry gin contain juniper berries, lakefront rv lots for sale in montana,Related: douglas county ga jail bookings, olivia vivian facts, internal window sill screwfix, what is karma real name assassination classroom, how to avoid looking like a bridesmaid, leo dale pittman, glen oaks country club staff, begging the question examples in advertising, glamour beauty awards 2023, kurt warner wife cancer, the question word that describes a method opsec crossword, remnant radio theology, ipad chrome find in page missing, who is the highest paid australian soccer player, most intimidating moon sign,Related: texas syndicate rank structure, gigi hadid and ronaldo relationship, suffolk county police exam results, left hand low putting grip pelz, joint mortgage, death of ex spouse, eastern meat packers association, satya nadella email address, just a little diner menu camdenton, mo, according to social exchange theory inequity results when, ocarina of time mirror shield change, docker check if file exists in container, sebastian stan talk show, schoenbauer funeral home, como exportar una imagen de illustrator en buena calidad, spanish colonization of argentina,Related: marshmallow cancer the healer, lack of mental health education in schools, ddo raids, who owns bruntingthorpe airfield, elkhorn springs campground casper wy, michael walker parkersburg wv 2022, how big is a shih tzu brain, current time in gulf of mexico offshore, new restaurants in wilmington, nc 2022, james timothy hoffman wife, bahamas home builders, fishing hashtags for wedding, saginaw m1 carbine markings, frenchtown lofts st charles, mo, crystal shops in manhattan,Related: canton swap meet 2022, st joseph’s prep football coaching staff, inmate search harris county, accident 590 rochester ny today, seborrheic keratosis removal duct tape, tunisian olive oil polyphenol content, average age of united methodist members, maggie haberman glasses, role of pharmacist in public health ppt, according to bible sun revolves around earth, victory life church food hampers, donnie brasco ending explained, alamo heights football roster, sims 4 cc clothing packs 2020, hitman paris battle axe location,Related: steward health care financial problems 2021, westland middle school staff, the pedestrian characters, ethylhexyl palmitate in lip gloss, land for sale by owner iredell county, nc, gaither family fest 2022, michael theanne cause of death, hannah king john king daughter, shooting in meridian, ms, gina martin wilson, deleterious alleles are eliminated from populations by, nikita koloff catchphrase, why did matt mccall leave investorplace, cyriopagopus sp valhalla, northwoods league player salaries,

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