• Creating the Classic Cheeseburger
    Creating the Classic Cheeseburger

    Here’s a recipe for the restaurant’s classic cheeseburger, the Rocket Single: Ingredients: Hamburger bun Special sauce (mix Thousand Island dressing, Dijon mustard and hot sauce to taste) 1 slice of cheddar cheese 1/3 lb. fresh ground beef, seasoned, hand-pressed and grilled Fresh lettuce Ripe tomato Onion (sliced) Directions: Grill the hamburger, according to preference, until its internal temperature reaches 160ยบ F. Place cheese on top and cover for another 30 seconds. Place in a bun. Mix dressing and spread it on the bun. Layer on tomato, lettuce and onion. How do you make a hamburger a classic? Grill the meat with the cheese on the top, says one popular hamburger chain.…

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